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Products that we built are used to drive execution. Be it a desktop web app or mobile solution, we are here to help you to get to where you want your business to be. The followings are some of the works we have done for our clients.


Tracking Application

It's a solution built for employee activity monitoring.

This product is built using Node.js and native Android. It's hosted on cloud infrastructure hence efficient in terms of maintanance. The solution allows employees to check-in where ever they are while business manager monitors employees activity from the command centre. Activity is shown in a real-time manner.


A cloud based business management and point-of-sales solution for beauty and wellness services.

This product is built using Angular.js, Node.js and backed by PosgreSQL. Many business owners within the beauty and wellness industry find it cumbersome to manage their daily operations manually, however, building a customised system is rather costly for such small businesses. We provide subscription based product to solve this very problem. The solution also includes sales, customer and employee analytics.


Digital Transformation

The world is experiencing the fourth industry revolution now and it is driven by technology. Transform your organisation with us and revolutionise how you do your business.

Hear what the World Economic forum has to say about digital transformation.

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